The Problem With People Saying There is a Problem with Girlboss Feminism

I just finished binge-watching the 13-episode-long Netflix series, Girlboss, which claims to loosely follow the ups and downs of Nasty Gal’s entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso on her journey into the business of thrifting and online shopping. I loved it for a number of reasons, many of which are attributed to Britt Robertson’s spunky, take-no-bullshit attitude and the… Read more »

International Women’s Day

Today is #InternationalWomensDay, and if you’re fortunate enough to be scrolling through social media because you have access to a smartphone, or a tablet, or a computer, or a public library’s computer, or a laptop, or an iPad, or whatever device it is that has access to 3G or Wifi, then there is absolutely no… Read more »

I have met men like you before

Content warning: sexual assault Dear [Insert Predator’s Name Here], You and I have never met, but I have met men like you before. I have met men like you before, and I will meet them in the future, just like many, many other women will too. My sisters, my friends, my coworkers, the countless women… Read more »

The Patriarchy Wears Pink: Taking on the Hidden Tax

Who doesn’t love some personal pampering? From deodorant to shampoo and scented soaps, hygiene is an important daily ritual for many men and women; so, why should the latter be paying a reported 43% more for basic personal care items? Montrealer Aviva Maxwell pledges to answer this absurd question. The “pink tax”, a phenomenon that has been documented across… Read more »

Nasty Woman

If fashion is about making a statement, then let me make mine: No, I’m not American, but I am a human being. Today marks the day where we all have to come together, and protect each other from those who will continue to wield the normalization of hate speech as exercises in freedom of speech…. Read more »

A lil bokeh

One of my favourite things about living in the heart of Montreal is that this city is overflowing with artists: painters, style lovers, fashion creators, avid readers, creative writers, and, (one of my favourites), talented photographers. I’ve been working with Terrie for over a year now, meeting up every once in a while at some… Read more »

Salted Caramel

October is finally here! Among the usual oversize-sweatered hands carrying PSLs and scrolling through caramel-coloured Pinterest boards, there is that all too familiar dressing woe; how does one prepare for morning’s Arctic temperatures, but also survive the afternoon’s blazing heat? Layering is definitely key, but I won’t lie to you; you’ll have to brave the brief morning chill in order… Read more »

A Lil Bit of Both; Bondi Beach and Wilson’s Prom

G’day from the other siiiiide; I’m back up from down under and fighting jet lag like a champ by browsing the billions – only a slight exaggeration – of photos from my trip to the land of Oz. Didn’t see any emerald cities or yellow brick roads, but instead tons of sandy beaches, cuddly marsupials and ridiculously… Read more »

Leather and Layers

Montreal, is that you all nice and hot?? Not sure how much longer I can sport leather legs in this warming weather, but I’m not complaining about the balmy temperatures this week! When the weather is as fickle as your study habits (it’s not just me, right guys??), layering up and down is the way… Read more »

A Letter To My First Love,

To Brussels, I won’t even waste my words on the hateful people that have tried to take on the magical, eclectic little corner of the world that you are, because their mission to destroy everything that embodies beauty, love and light is in vain. Some are so entangled in their own darkness that they try to… Read more »

  • birthday bash: wok dynasty

    Hey guys, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Things have been pretty hectic with work, catching up with friends before they leave for summer, and, oh yeah, I turned 19 yesterday! My birthday weekend started off with a relaxing Friday night in with my mom. Saturday I spent a couple hours with Lisa before she… Read more »

  • sunny day in the uk

    Ah, who doesn’t love sleep-in-til-noon Sundays? Well, I don’t; not when there’s an option of driving to Canterbury for a day of leisurely British shopping (long story short: the 6 am alarm was worth it). From Primark to TopShop, I dominated this small town, and what better place to don my new abstract neoprene top… Read more »

  • the motto

    Because priorities, right? Last night Danielle and I had a typical sister night out complete with wining, dining and a tear-jerking viewing of The Fault in our Stars (which, in retrospect, was so not the right movie to see if you want to get yourself pumped up for a night of clubbing after.) I read the… Read more »

  • birthday wishlist (you may say i’m a dreamer…)

    So it’s that time of the year again! My birthday week is fast approaching (10 days to go!) until I turn the last teen number of my life…the big 1-9. I guess it’s cool to legally drink everywhere in Canada now instead of just Quebec (everyone knows Montreal is the place to be though, and… Read more »

  • tassel/good luck charm

    Call me superstitious (and I wont take offence, because I totally am) but this necklace is definitely a lucky one. I was shopping with my mom the other day and she spotted it for me, after I recently mentioned to her I’d been coveting one for ages — in orange, of all colours – and voila! There… Read more »

  • sleepy saturdays

    Do you ever have those weekends where you decide you need to take a break from partying and just relax? Rarely I know, which is why I took this weekend off (and gave my feet a break from heels) to catch up with friends, minus the alcohol and crowded clubs. After spending our entire Saturday in bed Skyping Emma in… Read more »

  • layering

    We layer our hair, we layer our clothes, why not layer our accessories? I’ve never really been into big chunky jewellery, but lately I’ve been compromising by layering a lot of my favourite delicate pieces, whether its rings, bracelets or in this case, necklaces. The beauty of layering is that it can work for very casual outfits,… Read more »

  • bed head

    Wow, what a week. Who knew sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day sending emails, answering phone calls and taking so many coffee breaks that my hands start shaking by 3pm could be such tiring work? That’s why I had zero energy to do anything with my hair this morning and decided to… Read more »

  • first impressions: NATO

    First impressions; love them or hate them, you can’t escape them. Today was my first day at my NATO internship and it’s safe to say my #2 priority (#1 was showing up on time) was dress to impress. One of my rules of thumb is to always look your best because you never know who you… Read more »

  • lisa’s graduation party

      Last night was one of my best friends Lisa’s traditional Swedish graduation party, and to sum it up; I don’t think people even go this all-out for their weddings! She hosted it at the stunning Chalet Robinson, an upscale restaurant located on an island in the middle of Bois de la Cambre. There was… Read more »


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