Hi! I’m Gabrielle, but people call me Gabs, Gabou(che), Gaby, Brie (yes, like the cheese)…you get the idea, so take your pick. Since leaving Canada, I’ve been living in Brussels, Belgium for the past 10 years, and have developed a passion for the European culture and lifestyle that I will be forever grateful for. I realized that I couldn’t just let these countless experiences with world travel, high fashion and exquisite european cuisine turn into mere memories, so I began documenting well, my life. I’m currently studying at McGill University and living it up in Montreal, so my journey continues. New city, same passion for seizing everything life has to offer me.
Without further adieu…
  Welcome to My Mimosa Mondays, a lifestyle blog that covers my love of fashion, food, travels and everything in between! Think about how you would feel if your Monday morning started off with a refreshing mimosa to wake you up; amazing, right? That’s exactly the atmosphere I want to create with my blog, a place where I can chronicle every faraway adventure, every double-dip into the chocolate cake mix, and every far-out fashion trend in my life and combine these pleasures with two of my greatest passions; photography and writing. This is my little corner of the world, so I hope you enjoy what you see, and if you do, feel free to come back!