If fashion is about making a statement, then let me make mine:


No, I’m not American, but I am a human being. Today marks the day where we all have to come together, and protect each other from those who will continue to wield the normalization of hate speech as exercises in freedom of speech. I want to stress to you that it’s too easy to hate these people, so don’t. People who spew venom and cruelty at anyone they perceive to be different or unique – whether it’s because of gender, religion, ethnicity, or beliefs – we have to understand, and not reject, where their senseless and intense anger is coming from. Anger manifests itself as a protective and abrasive shield to mask vulnerability. Those who hate with ease do so because they have a crippling inability to recognize their ignorance, or accept their own insecurities. They’re afraid to raise their hand and say, “I don’t understand” or, “I’m scared”, so they lash out at whatever it is they can’t comprehend. People can only express outwardly what they posses inwardly; those who spew hate do so because it is what they are overflowing with inside. Think about it; have you ever met a genuinely fulfilled and content person who treated others with contempt? Of course not. They treat others the way they feel inside – with kindness and compassion. Some call it “PC”, I call it decency. At some point it became too much to ask of people to treat others with respect and care. Some people find it easier to mock, to insult, to shame, and to harm each and every body or thing that is different to them. They allow themselves to be threatened by diversity rather than enriched by it. This person could be your friend, your coworker, your uncle, your parent, your partner. They hurt others because they are hurting. Instead of mirroring their hate, we have to show them love. Compassion. Patience. Understanding. It is our obligation to lead by example; we should feel sorry for those who have so much internal anguish that they can’t project anything other than cynical and snide remarks about, well, everything. Let’s sympathize and not ostracize; let’s strategize our anger and not internalize it. Let’s turn our hopelessness into hopeful action, and help those who don’t know how to ask for it.


Huge shoutout to Google Ghost for making these incredible tees (along with sweaters, mugs and other merchandise) and donating 50% of ALL PROCEEDS to Planned Parenthood.

Written by Brie

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