One of my favourite things about living in the heart of Montreal is that this city is overflowing with artists: painters, style lovers, fashion creators, avid readers, creative writers, and, (one of my favourites), talented photographers. I’ve been working with Terrie for over a year now, meeting up every once in a while at some of his favourite spots in the always-photogenic Montreal to shoot for a couple hours and enjoy a good catch up. Not even shooting in below zero temperatures can freeze the palpable warmth that Terrie exudes. His main goal – aside from getting a great shot – is to ensure you are 100% comfortable, and are having 150% of all possible fun on set. ┬áThe dreamlike quality of his pictures never ceases to amaze me, and – judging by my endless series of smiles captured on his camera roll – he is evidently one of the friendliest and most entertaining photographers to shoot with.

Zara mesh top | American Apparel hat & tank | Zara skirt


Written by Brie

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