G’day from the other siiiiide; I’m back up from down under and fighting jet lag like a champ by browsing the billions – only a slight exaggeration – of photos from my trip to the land of Oz. Didn’t see any emerald cities or yellow brick roads, but instead tons of sandy beaches, cuddly marsupials and ridiculously expensive drinks; what’s a vacation for if not a time to splurge on the good stuff? From downtown Melbourne, Brighton Beach and Wilson’s Promontory to Bondi Beach, Sydney Opera House and Darling Harbour, there wasn’t much we missed on our road trip. However, that’s not to say I won’t be back to this beautiful country; in fact, I am for sure going back at some point in my life and who knows? I may never leave. Time flies when you’re multiple time zones away, and my mere two weeks down under only left me meticulously planning my next trip to Straya on the 15 hour HK to YYZ flight home.

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