Montreal, is that you all nice and hot?? Not sure how much longer I can sport leather legs in this warming weather, but I’m not complaining about the balmy temperatures this week!

When the weather is as fickle as your study habits (it’s not just me, right guys??), layering up and down is the way to go; think tight tees and oversized denim jackets.¬†15

Also, nothing reads angsty college kid more than a black beanie and dark shades to match. Sidenote: the former is great for covering up the hair you are definitely not styling and the former hides the eyes that are carrying more baggage than your upcoming trip to Europe. Exams, am I right?

Zara tee | Zara jacket | Aritzia leather leggings | Zara boots | DIY choker | American Apparel beanie

Written by Brie

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