Is there anything hotter – in both senses of the word – than tight leather leggings and oversized winter white wool? Chances are slim, so why take ’em?


Everyone and their mother owns this pair of Aritzia leggings, and I was that girl who waited for Boxing Day sales to pick up my pair (for the ah-mazingly generous discount of $10!!!) but I can tell you, whether they be $10 less or more (tax not included), these are a must for winter weather.


They’re sleek, they’re sexy and most importantly they’re water repellent! Which, if you live in a slushy-winter kinda city, is a huge blessing.


Derpy AF smile? Check.


What I love about pants that border on way-too-tight is the chance to slip on shapeless tops and oversized sweaters to create a balanced silhouette.


There’s nothing comfier than being swallowed up by cashmere or feeling the hug of a warm wool jacket, especially in subzero weather.


Cozy up, kids!

Zara wool sweater | Aritzia leather leggings | Zara patent booties | Steve Madden clutch

Written by Brie

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