I know what you’re all thinking; have you seen the weather outside? A sleeveless summer dress and no tights?? I guess I’ve been away from Montreal for too long because somehow I forgot that our Fall/Winter season starts in September. Seriously, Summer didn’t even say goodbye, it just left. Rude. Anyways, due to this major lapse in my memory, I didn’t get a chance to post all my summer blog pics in time to start layering the hell up for this frigid weather.

Summer for me was all about the “slides ‘n’ sleeveless” combos, and I guess the pastel blue colour is appropriate considering that’s the shade my lips turned when I stepped outside this morning. Maybe I’m exaggerating (probably not), but you don’t know cold ’til you’ve spent some time in Montreal.


H&M slides | Topshop dress

Written by Brie

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